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Get Your Life On Stream Business Retreat

How to build business in a healthy, conscious, creative and sustainable way...

Business Retreat Vital Life Connection & newCooperation Winterberg

Business owners (to be), entrepreneurs, CEO's...

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Business Retreat Get Your Life On Stream
Relax, Recharge, Rejuventate
24 - 26 augustus/ august 2018
Hotel Der Brabander, Winterberg, DE

More information and contact:

Vital Life Connection​


Highlights Get Your Life On Stream Business Retreat

This retreat is all inclusive and is held in the 4 star resort 'Der Brabander' in Winterberg, Germany.


It includes:

⋆ Vegan meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks

     You don't have to be a vegan, just open to experience it

⋆ Tea and water to drink (and when desired coffee) included

⋆ Yoga session before breakfast

In the morning we offer an activating form of yoga with a combination of relaxation, motion and balance to start the day energetically.

It feels like a reset for your body and mind.

All levels are welcome and you don't have to have any experience with yoga yet.

⋆ Breathing, relax/ meditation, mindfulness session

⋆ Bring in your own case and we will work on it during the weekend so you can implement your inspiration and solutions right away.

⋆ How to build a strong, committed and agile team in which every member their talents and competences are brought to light and utilized  effectively and efficiently

⋆ Creative workshop to tap into your own creative abilities/ emotional side, through for example painting.

  • Anneke will guide you in making your own healing anchor. You will make a painting to discover your creativity and your own healing resources.

This anchor connects you to your innerworld and the energy of the universe.

Your anchor becomes your healer.

Aromatherapy (workshop):

Discover how using (100% pure) essential oils can mean something for your own health and wellbeing, that of your team / staff and your environment when building your business or taking it to the next level.


⋆ Opportunity for a special, rare experience in nature

⋆ Silent walk

⋆ Coaching/ personal attention when desired

⋆ Additional opportunity to book a massage or other treatment

⋆ A wonderful surprise (gift)

⋆ An amazing environment

The team

Melody is a holistic healer and lifestyle consultant bringing the world of personal growth to the next level. She helps people to create a life of fulfillment. You will experience practical ways to implement in your life.

Ruud Schalkwijk is a sustainable entrepreneur with a clear vision on the future. With focus on health, climate and changes towards a better world. Ruud is a trendsetter: "it's already possible!"

Anneke is an energetic Artist. Learning how to manage energetic forces for healing, she became a Crystallin Healer. The healing forces are based on the Universal Force combined with healing components from the earth in her Crystallin Art. Crystallin Art heals mentally, emotionally , physically, heart and soul. It releases heaviness, so you can take your life in your own hands. Her paintings correct geopathogenic zones in houses and neutralises energy and stress.

Erik Verboven is a military sports instructor as to why he is always busy with sports in general. Sport in general has always fascinated him. There is no challenge too big for him.

However, over the years he has found out that "rest" is maybe the most important buildingblock when you want to grow physically and mentally. After completing his 200-hours vinyasa yoga course, Erik started studying the yoga arts a bit more, and put the things he learned into practice with the military.

"I want to expand my qualities and reach more people so I am open for any new ideas or input. In the last months of this year I am going to follow a module that will teach me how to further expand the Hatha yoga in practice.

I am also an open person, who likes to share my experiences and listen to life events of other people.

Other topics in my life that I can enjoy are my 2 children, cycling, running, motorcycling, getting a breath of fresh air in my cabriolet and traveling."

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