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Wellbeing & Health Consultancy


Vital Life Connection

Introduction package offer

Do you want to (re)connect more with yourself, your own values, qualities and talents?

Do you want to feel fit and vital so you can reach your own goals effortlessly in daily life?

Would you just like to have some (quality) time for yourself to recharge and gain new energy to take on your daily life, which also benefits the people around you?

Or would you like to give someone else the gift of slowing down and feeling fitter and more energetic?


Melody is a rising star who is taking the world of personal development to the next level. She helps people create a life of fulfillment. You will experience practical tools that you can immediately implement in your life. "

Ruud oth Schalkwijk - Conscious & Sustainable Business Development & Innovation,



Wellbeing & Health Consultancy

Personalized coaching, with attention to and including for example:

  • One on one conversations / personal consultation. Trauma processing if necessary.

  • Education about laws of nature (in connection with the subconscious and the effects you can experience in it)

  • Energetic healing, in 'real life' or at distance

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation

  • Walking coaching: subjects and themes receive deeper attention during a walk in nature

  • Nutrition consultation: What is important to pay attention to, what is conducive to a conscious (er), healthy (er) lifestyle?

  • Movement/ Physical exercise: you do not have to be an extensive sport practitioner to do enough exercise every day

  • Creative expression is a wonderful way to get closer to / back to your core and authenticity and to give space to possible injuries to be healed


We’ll focus on your needs, what works for you and what the situation calls for.

It is possible to book separate sessions as well as a trajectory of several weeks/ months, where everything is covered right away

Vital Life Connection offers an introduction package for € 97 including a coaching-/ consultancy session of 1-1,5 hours and a one hour massage of your choice.

This way you can discover the benefits of a coaching program and/ or massage for you without any further obligation.


Non-committal introductory meeting of 45 minutes and potential intake are free of charge


Please check the website and contact us without any obligation so we can figure out what you need and how

Vital Life Connection can help you achieve your goals!

For families ask more information!

Group coaching/ Consultancy

Do you prefer coaching in a group setting? That’s also possible. In a group you can share your experiences and the group dynamics can lead to different kinds of transformations.

Costs p.p. for group coaching: € 749 for 10 sessions

Click the link at the bottom of the page to contact us for more information and the terms and conditions!

Would you like to experience a group coaching / training? You can also sign up for € 25, - - € 75, - for one of our 'Visionary Speakers Events', where guest speakers are regularly invited to offer their own expertise and vision for your well-being and that of your own environment and the environment.

Look for this on !

During the coaching sessions, Vital Life Connection uses 100% pure natural (care) products, including supplements based on fruits, herbs and other healthy elements, that are perfect to supplement the important nutrients in your daily diet.

This will ensure you receive your necessary nutrients every day. These products are also highly suitable for (top) sporters, vegetarians and vegans, and are gluten free. We also offer special products to help you lose weight in a healthy and responsible way.


Click here for more information and to use the products yourself.


I was most impressed by Melody’s intuition and sensitivity. She truly sensed what was important for me and my inner thoughts and feelings. During each conversation we focused on what was good for me personally and the way we dealt with this really suited me. I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. I felt heard and understood, and safe to share my most vulnerable memories and worries with her. She responded to these with great empathy and was very understanding about these. In this way, I have succeeded in developing myself. I know now what I want in friendships and other relationships. I am capable of establishing my boundaries and signify what I do want. I conduct my work as a coach with confidence, in a way that suits me. I have reached all my goals with Melody and felt supported during the process. In Melody, I have found an emphatic, trustworthy coach who joined me on my path and could feel with great sensitivity what was going on with me. She has shown me continuously that I could feel more confident in myself and all that I have to offer. Thus, she has opened my eyes to a greater panorama than I thought was even possible. Melody also gave me two massages. I have enjoyed these very much. I felt relaxed and my muscles unwound. I also felt very calm and strong inside. Thank you so much, Melody, for your guidance. It has genuinely benefitted me in many ways. "


Melody is very insightful. She is capable to get to the core of a problem and knows how to perfectly put it in words. She is straightforward and a strong communicator. These qualities of Melody made me feel understood and helped me to get closer to my inner self. During our conversations I experienced a sense of calmness and unconditional love. "

M., 37

"Melody is one in a kind, present and she communicates with others in a non judgmental way. She is very helpful and open (minded). Melody is a good listener and knows a lot about essential oils. She is an inspirator when it comes to being a Vegan. Light and cheerful with a whiff of humor, that is Melody"


Joya - Entrepreneur / Filmmaker



"Melody is an inspiring woman. With her energy she knows how to connect with people. This allows her to really help people, in all areas of their lives. She has inspired me!"


Judith - In London, after a presentation, 2016


"Melody is a fantastic woman, bursting with energy and with both feet in life. Melody is like no other capable of moving people. I enjoyed the dance and the melody."


Geert -In London, after a presentation, 2016


"Fantastic meeting this weekend, what an incredibly beautiful and pure person you are! There is a shortage of words to describe the inspiration you brought about and insight you have given me. The hours of conversations full of wisdom speak for themselves. How nice to be complementary, to be attuned to each other and to help each other further.

Awareness, insight, connectedness, knowledge, inspiration, clarity ❤️❤️ "


Rosanne - after retreat in Baexem, July 2016

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