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Important Update

After informing us well and extensively, we have come to the well considered conclusion that a mrna vaccine is a contraindication* for physical treatments (massage, etc.).


If desired, (online) coaching / consultancy sessions can take place.


If you want a physical treatment in any case, we kindly request you to find another practitioner for this.


Thank you for your understanding!

If you feel you need further information, have doubts or want to talk about it please do not hesitate contact us by phone.



Contraindication means:

A medical reason why a massage is not allowed/ cannot be done

Holistic Massage Therapy



In the holistic view, the human being is seen as a whole, based on the fact that body, mind and soul are interconnected and thus influence each other. Together they form a whole.

For example, when you experience stress because you are constantly 'taking the world on your shoulders', you can always shrug or tighten your shoulders, causing you to constantly experience problems there.

The other way around, for example, continuous pain in your (lower) back can cause you to worry and also function less well mentally, mentally and emotionally or feel less 'comfortable in your own skin' ( you can also literally experience this ) .


With holistic massage you are made more aware (again) of what your body actually feels and asks of you. When you listen to it, you create the peace, clarity and confidence to undertake things and to approach your daily activities with more good energy, fitter and more vital.



Classic table massage:


The classic massage uses different strokes and handles that have a direct physiological effect on your body systems, on your skin, muscles, organs.

Your blood and lymph circulation are started, which in turn has an effect on the supply and removal of nutrients and waste products.


Classic massage can be very relaxing and give pain relief and your muscles can be made smoother (again).



Haptic table massage:


The haptic massage is mainly about feeling . Connect with your body and really experience what it needs.

What is your body trying to tell you?


A combination of the two will be made regularly, based on what the situation requires and what your body and mind require!


All areas of the body can be treated as a partial massage.

For example, all or part of a treatment can be focused on a specific area (for example, back, shoulders, neck / head / legs / abdomen / chest and neck / arms, etc.)



Aromatherapy treatment:


In the aromatherapy treatment, a selection of 100% pure essential oils is used, each of which has its own therapeutic properties.


With this treatment there is less kneading: the essential oils are spread one by one over the spine and the oils support the self-healing capacity of the body by bringing it into homeostasis and are also very beneficial for mind and soul.


After the treatment, a deep rest, harmony and a fresh and fruity feeling is generally experienced.

The oils have an effect longer after the treatment.



Full body chair massage:


The massage chair is a handy tool to receive an (almost) 'full body' massage. The chair massage involves massaging with clothes on. A combination of several techniques is used. Both the muscles and trigger points are treated aswell as the meridians, so that the energy in your body starts to flow more.


The effect of this massage is usually a combination of deep relaxation and a clear mind.



Hot stone massage:


Hot stone massage is a table massage in which the heat from the heated lava stones penetrates deeper into the skin and muscles. This allows relaxation to take place in a completely different way. It is also beneficial for the intestines and it stimulates the blood circulation, which also has a detoxifying effect.


Definitely recommended for colder times, or if you are a bit chilly.







There are no massages with an erotic character




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