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Moving is an important element that has a strong influence on your overall well-being and health, your body, mind and soul.
It literally affects your organs and systems in your body, your skin, your breath (respiratory system), your hormone system, your muscles, your circulatory system, your digestive system and so on!
This means that it is important to be at least somewhat conscious about movement, to support all these dynamics instead of hindering / disrupting them.
Now your body is very capable of regulating things on its own, so worry about this as little as possible.
It is very important though to be aware that your way of dealing with this, your habits, your way of thinking and even your beliefs (which you act according to!) do indeed play a major -supporting or destructive- role in this!
Again, you will have a lot in the hand yourself.
Be responsible with your body, mind and soul and don't let anyone get in your way in that!
Moving/ exercising to keep your body, mind and soul healthy does not by definition always mean sports as people know this in a 'standard' manner, or if you do like sports, you don't have to become a 'top' athlete or break all kinds of records or whatever either.
In fact, be aware that you can also overcharge your body, which can cause stress (literally physiological stress). A little stress (which literally means tension) is fine, a dynamo also works on some resistance...
Over loading on the contrary induces various (also unexplained) complaints and you can become pretty sick of it!
So deal with this in a 'relaxed' way...
Would you like to know what works for you and what you can do, among other things, to get enough exercise, to adopt the right attitude and to support your body, mind and soul sufficiently and in the right way?
Vital Life Connection is happy to help you on your way.
Request a no-obligation introductory/ orientation meeting or book a consultation right away.
Let's Move! ♥

Really enjoyed running today!

I don't care about the kilometers, I don't care about the calories..
I only care about Connection 💜

Connection with myself, with my Core, with source, with nature, with the surroundings...🌲🌳 🐦🦋🌼✨
It put a BIG smile on my face! 😄✨
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