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About Vital Life Connection

Vital Life Connection works according to the holistic view.

The holistic view is based on the fact that body, mind and spirit are in connection with each other. They influence each other and together form one whole.

Vital Life Connection offers among others  Holistic Lifestyle Consultancy. Guidance with/ towards a healthy, holistic lifestyle, that suits you.

In this, among others aromatherapy can be part of the whole. Potentially also using other natural products that are scientifically supported. All this will help you harness your inner strength and feel more fit and energetic in your daily life and activities!


Vital Life Connection when desired also offers classic and haptic massage. Classic massage is a form of massage that affects the skin, muscles and organs. The emphasis of haptic massage is on feeling, becoming aware of the signals of your body and what it requires. Most of the time the therapist will combine several techniques within a session.


When you would like to know more about how Vital Life Connection can contribute to your own well-being and the well-being of people, who you’d like to give the opportunity to live a fulfilled life, to feel more relaxed, fit and vital:

Please contact us and we may see each other in the practice, online or on location!


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Important update:


Please first read an important update here before booking a physical treatment.

Thank you in advance

Our practice stands for health and sustainability


Vital Life Connection stands for and promotes a healthy , conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

This is reflected in several respects in our practice (management) and the way we do business.

For example, the products and attributes that we use in practice and of which we also sell a number.


Hygiene has always been an important core value at Vital Life Connection, including when it comes to treatments, and it is an important part and basis of a healthy lifestyle and comfort.



When you receive treatment you can experience this. For example, we use towels and blankets made of a special material with a specific fiber, which are anti-allergenic because they do not retain moisture and bacteria or dust mites. In addition, the material regulates temperature so that you are less likely to be too hot or too cold during a treatment.

Moreover, it is comfortably soft so that you can relax extra during the treatment.


Massage oil and essential oils

We use natural massage oils that are caring for the skin and when desired we use 100% natural, concentrated essential oils, each of which has its own therapeutic effect. In our offer it is also possible to undergo a complete treatment with only these essential oils. You will really feel fresh and fruity again and step outside with it. We also provide information and workshops about these oils and their effect. Read more here if you are interested in knowing more about this.


• We are sustainable entrepreneurs in several respects.

That is why we also have a limited stock in the physical store.

Would you like to know more about our values, philosophy and approach and possibly tailor-made advice?


Feel free to explore the website further and read here what we all (even more) have to offer!

About Melody

Melody is Energetic Interpreter, Holistic Life Teacher and Healer and is engaged in, among other things, Lifestyle and Business Consultancy.

She takes the world of personal development to the next level and helps people create a life of fulfillment.

She will introduce you to and let you experience practical ways to implement in your life and business.


Previously Melody among other things has worked for municipalities, as a dance teacher, combined with community sports work for sports promotion in schools, neighborhoods and community centers with both children, adolescents and adults.


With thousands of people, from different countries, with different cultures around the world and in many different situations, she has experienced the healing power of being in good 'connection' with yourself.

While this can seem challenging at times and feel like you are on your own, time and time again she has seen and experienced the evidence of the importance of this and that it is possible!

She would also love to share this with you.


What are you willing to do for yourself (and others) to experience this healing power aswell?

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