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Vital Life Connection, ontspannings- en vitaliteitspakketten

Relaxation and Vitality Packages

Would you like to completely relax, cleanse your inner body and feel fit and healthy?

Choose one of these relaxation and vitality packages!


A. Relax & Purify € 299

1x Massage of 45 minutes * Cleanse & Restore (30 day detox worth € 285)

based on vitamins and minerals and essential oils with consultancy

B. Rejuvenating Treatment € 497

Food consultancy * Meditation, Breathe & Relaxation excercise * Aromatherapy * Essential Oils Workshop and Essential Oil Starter package

C. Total Recharge € 1999

Massage * Cleanse & Restore (30 day detox) * Aromatherapy * Essential Oils Workshop * custom made Coaching/ Consultancy

When desired, in consultation packages can be adjusted 

Please contact us for more information!

Vital Life Connetion, holistische stoelmassage

Holistic Chair Massage

During this massage you are seated on a chair that’s especially designed for this purpose. The massage takes place through the clothing and can be partial or for the whole body. With a holistic chair massage you achieve deep relaxation and a clear mind.


Coaching / Consultancy / Therapy


Call it as you like it.


You can book individual (brainstorming) sessions or opt for a customed trajectory of several weeks or months, where everything you need/ that is needed is covered and you can 'tackle' your entire lifestyle.

Here you can experience a true transformation.


Look here for more information if you want to know more about this!



Important update:


Please first read an important update here before booking a physical treatment.

Thank you in advance

Holistic Table Massage

Classic or holistic massage on a massage table. This can be a partial body massage: head, shoulders, neck, back, arms or legs; whatever you need. You can also choose a full body massage if you’d like your whole body to get equal attention.


A special technique in which various 100% pure essential oils are applied to your skin, that each work in their own way. Some oils support your immune system, reduce stress and are anti-inflammatory. Finally we’ll apply aromas to make your body reach homeostasis*.

The aroma can also be employed for household use! Please ask us if you’d like to know more about the applications. You could also attend one of our workshops to experience how essential oils can benefit you!

* Balance, an equilibrium between certain body processes



Hot Stone Massage


A hot stone massage is ideal to warm your body, your skin and your muscles a little deeper. This means that you can get in even deeper relaxation, it stimulates the blood circulation in your body and especially if you are a bit chilly, this can be a wonderful choice for you.

Experience it for yourself!

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