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Get Your Life On Stream Seminar • 29-30 July 2022

How to align with your intuition and fulfill your life purpose!

You are a creative healer and you have accomplished everything your wanted in life.

A successful function or business, possibly your own family, a good standard of living but it feels like there is so much more to get out of it.

Something is gnawning and you feel that you are ready for a transition. Completely turning around your strategy and way of thinking.

You are fed up with functioning within a framework, a straightjacket, while you really had the idea that you made your OWN work of art from life and colored outside the lines!

Tune in to the laws of nature, of the universe and trust that you are doing the right thing without being rushed.

Connect with your intuition and create a fulfilled life for yourself and those around you.

Get Your Life On Stream!

During this 2 day seminar you will learn more about who you really are and are capable of. You will discover your hidden talents and skills and your true life purpose. You will receive practical tools to utilize in daily life to be able to align more with your own intuition, all that is and the greater good.

Learn how to deploy this all-in your own private life and when desired for your own intuitive based business, so you can create a life of fulfilment and abundance. For yourself, your environment and the greater good.

“It was a wonderful journey in which I found the confidence and wisdom in myself. I have come to remember who and what I am. I am at my core, standing in my strength and staying in my own space. I feel energized and cheerful again in all aspects of myself and my life. I feel self-love again and care in all areas of my life, holistically, for myself. The emptiness and purposelessness that I previously experienced have completely disappeared. I now lead my life from autonomy and responsibility for myself and therefore for the greater whole.”

Esther, The Netherlands

Melody is an Energetic Interpreter, Holistic Life Teacher & Healer.

She among other things occupies herself with holistic lifestyle and business consultancy, bringing the world of personal development to the next level.

She helps people to create a life of fulfilment.

She has assisted thousands of people in (re)connecting to their core and tapping into their own talents and strengths and supported them in feeling good about themselves (again) and (re)gain sense of autonomy, aswell in daily life as business.

All this in a healthy, conscious and as much as possible sustainable way.

You will experience practical ways to implement in your life and business.

NOW is the right time to fulfill your dreams and take action on it!

Date Seminar:

29 – 30 July 2022


11 am to 6 pm (doors open 10.30 am)


Hotel Van Der Valk Stein – Urmond, Mauritslaan 65, 6129 EL Urmond

Limburg, the Netherlands


€ 497

incl. 2x vegan lunch, unlimited drinks (coffee, tea, refreshments, water) and snacks

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