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Coaching/ Consultancy/ Therapy Conversations

If you want to make change in your life and adapt your lifestyle, it is important to communicate about this as well.


Based on conversations, we can find out what you need in this regard and map out a path that supports you in this.


It may be necessary and that you need old beliefs to emerge and old, unfavorable patterns to be broken.

Chances are that these are not even yours, but that you have taken them over from others or that they have been taught to you and you find out or have come to know that they do not serve you (anymore).


That's totally okay!


Without judgment, everything you want to say goodbye to may go, and space may be made for what you want to welcome into your life and which is beneficial, both for you and your environment.


Because as I always say:


When you take good care of yourself, you are automatically good for your environment.


What I often notice when someone starts working on themselves is that they often associate more consciously with their environment. That means that others indeed also benefit when you take better care of yourself!!!


So let's also work (little by little) towards a healthier, happier environment, society and planet.


It's easier than you think.

Melody | Vital Life Connection | newCooperation | Core Abundant Lifestyle

During the conversations, what needs attention and what presents itself will be discussed.

Conversations are confidential, so you don't have to worry that what is talked about will be used against you later on by your neighbor, or anyone else.

Joint conversations with others can also take place when there is a desire or need, such as a family member, partner, friend, business partner/ colleague, you name it.


There is certainly also a chance that conversations will (possibly) take place, together with my partner Ruud, from Wellness4us . This creates special, valuable dynamics.


Everything is negotiable and together we arrive at the optimal conditions that work for you.


Please feel free to contact us for an introductory conversation or an exploratory meeting, where we map all of this out.



Let's Connect! ♥



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