The founder of Vital Life Connection is Melody. She works according to the holistic view.

The holistic view is based on the fact that body, mind and spirit are in connection with each other. They influence each other and together form one whole.

Vital Life Connection offers among others  Holistic Lifestyle Consultancy. Guidance with/ towards a healthy, holistic lifestyle, that suits you.

In this, among others aromatherapy can be part of the whole. Potentially also using other natural products that are scientifically supported. All this will help you harness your inner strength and feel more fit and energetic in your daily life and activities!


Vital Life Connection when desired also offers classic and haptic massage. Classic massage is a form of massage that affects the skin, muscles and organs. The emphasis of haptic massage is on feeling, becoming aware of the signals of your body and what it requires. Most of the time the therapist will combine several techniques within a session.



Melody, among other things, used to work for several cities as a dance teacher, in combination with social work for the community, to stimulate sport activities at schools and community centers for children, youths and adults.


Working with thousands of people from countries all across the world, with divergent cultures and in many different situations, she has experienced the healing power of being in good connection with your yourself. Even though this can be quite challenging and you may feel you have to do it all by yourself, she has repeatedly seen the proof and experienced how important this is, and that it is possible.

She would love to share this with you aswell. What is it worth to you to experience this for yourself also?


When you would like to know more about how Vital Life Connection can contribute to your own well-being and the well-being of people, who you’d like to give the opportunity to live a fulfilled life, to feel more relaxed, fit and vital:

Please contact us and we may see each other in the practice, online or on location!



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Vital Life Connection representeert een holistische, gezonde, bewuste, veganistische, duurzame levensstijl (zoveel als mogelijk) ✨

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